Items For Sale

This page will list pub games items that I have acquired which are now surplus to my requirements. It may be that I have duplicates of a particular item, or may have been bought specifically to list here or become surplus to my own gaming needs! All the items shown here are offered at the same, or only a little more than what I would have originally paid for them. Some items can be shipped, other suitable only for collection. Please contact me using 'comments' at the bottom of this page if you are interested in anything.

Set of nine Northamptonshire Table Skittles pins and three cheeses. These pins are made from an unknown reddish-brown hardwood, and unusually have metal ferrules fitted to the base. The cheeses are of a dense hardwood, possibly Lignum Vitae or Walnut, and are slightly smaller than usual. One pin has a few dents, and one other a small chip missing, but otherwise they are in very good condition.

** SOLD **

Set of nine Northamptonshire Table Skittles pins, plus one spare and three cheese. Boxwood and in excellent condition.

** SOLD **

Set of old Bagatelle Balls. Four red, four white and one black ball, as played in the Chester league. These balls are 1 1/4 inch diameter and suitable for folding Bagatelle tables of around 7 foot length (check diameter of cups, which should be 1 1/4 inch or slightly smaller). I do not know what these balls are made from, but they are genuine vintage or antique and therefore show signs of wear, but are not chipped or distorted.

** SOLD **

Full set of plastic Table Skittles. In unused condition and suitable for practice or as matchday set in Leicestershire/Warwickshire area.

** SOLD **

Set of nine Devil Amongst The Tailors (or Table/Bar Skittles) pins. These are an original Lignum Vitae set in unplayed condition.

£20 + Postage (or collect)
Set of full size Billiard Balls in baize lined Mahogany box

£15 + Postage (or collect)

Set of nine Long Alley Skittles including King Pin. These are Nottingham/Derby skittles not the Leicestershire type, with metal ferrules to the base. Dipped and in very good used condition. They appear to be perfectly sound but in common with all such skittles they are sold as seen with no guarantees in use. These are very heavy and carriage could be quite expensive.

£80 + Postage (or collection)

Shut The Box with dice. Nice vintage dark wood dice game made by CMJ Products of Jersey

£7 + Postage (or collect)

Woodbine Cigarettes Domino set in original tin. Used and therefore not pristine but otherwise in good order and complete.

£10 + Postage (or collect)

Trumans Brewery branded Bakelite Cribbage Board. 9 inches long. Perfect condition.

£10 + Postage

Double Diamond Mirror, 24x18 inches. Solid wood frame, probably vintage 1970's. Some damage to the frame in the top right but would polish up no problem.

£25 (collection or delivered locally only)

Poker Dice in Flowers Brewery branded leather case. Complete and with instructions.

£5 + Postage

Boxed set of three 1 3/4 inch 'ronite' Billiard Balls.

£5 + Postage

E J Riley Snooker/Billiards Scoreboard. Some scratches but generally good condition.


Devil Amongst The Tailors (Table Skittles). Complete with turned hardwood pins, ball & chain, and detachable mahogany crib board with four pegs for scoring. The table is made from a mix of quality old ply and solid hardwoods, and there is a drawer to store all parts other than the pole. This table is large and very heavy, but not 'league' standard size.

£100 + Postage (or collect)

Olde English Cyder branded Games Compendium. Dominoes, Cribbage Board, 2 x Playing Cards, 2 x Dart Flights, Poker Dice. All complete in box, unused, though box interior has some damage to cardboard partitions


Bass Charrington branded Nine Mens Morris. Board is felt backed simulated wood effect. Plastic pieces all stamped with Toby Jug symbol, box and board with similar sticker. Complete.

** SOLD **

Painted Pitch Pine Quoits Board and Quoits.

** SOLD **


John said...

Any idea where I can buy sove ha'penny official tokens?

Mark said...

Your best bet is eBay where they fairly frequently come up but can be at quite ridiculous prices. I only have one of the Shove Ha'penny Control Assc discs myself, though full sets of other types from Jaques or St Georges in varying conditions.

Don Adamson said...

I am interested in some of your items for sale and have some questions about other games...please contact me at your earliest convenience...thank you!

Nick Stockdale said...

Hi. I’d like to buy the Long alley pins if they’re available. Maybe the hood skittle pins (dark/short ones).

Mark said...

Hi Nick, the Long Alley pins are available, the hood skittle set are now sold I'm afraid. Where abouts are you? You can contact me on

Phil said...

I’m interested in buying the table skittles game you have.
I live in cornwall.
Is this still available please?